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The recent world health pandemic has made us all consider every aspect of our businesses. We have been reacting when necessary for the health and safety of our employees and clients, and adjusting our plans and forecasts for the future. Now is the time to consider the long-term impacts.


Trending away from open concept offices

For many years there had been a push to better engage working teams by using an “open office” concept for office layout, design and construction.

Photo of an office with cubicles

With the physical distance requirements implemented during the recent pandemic, many Owners and Managers must reconsider their existing layouts and their ability to safely accommodate their employees and visitors in their space.

These adjustments may not be as temporary as initially thought. Businesses may be wanting to modify to allow a percentage of employees to work remotely, to either expand their space to make more room for individuals, or even possibly reducing space that is efficiently redeveloped in order to meet long-term solutions.

Whether you are just at the initial idea stage, or you’re ready to start your project, we would be more than happy to assist you at this time. We provide you the peace of mind that you’d be working with a full service General Contractor with the years of necessary experience and quality required to ensure your project meets your intent, needs and budget.


Physical distancing solutions

Here are some ideas to consider when thinking about your office environment:

  • Separation of clients or visitors when they first enter, so they can be either successfully screened or ensure that they only come in close contact with employees when necessary.
  • Reduction of touch points such as doors, faucets, community use areas, etc.
  • Overall additional space considerations allowing for adequate physical distancing of clients and employees within the office.
  • Access to washroom and hygiene locations.

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