• Interior of Confederate Lounge - Hotel McDonald, remodeled by PeterJs Contracting
Interior of Confederate Lounge - Hotel McDonald, remodeled by PeterJs Contracting

Confederation Lounge – Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

We worked for many years on the initial planning and budgets of this project with the Owner of the property in advance, ensuring we could execute to the best of our ability within the Historic Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. In close collaboration with our client and the operations team at the property we were able to ensure limited impact to the surrounding spaces during the large transformation of the Confederation Lounge. We are very excited with the way the project turned out, and our ability to showcase the level of detail and project management oversite that we provide to each project we come across.

Our role in this project was as a General Contractor completing the demolition, construction and assisting with setup of the space. We worked with our trade-partners as well as the design team and the procurement team to ensure a seamless transition between construction and the other associated project scopes. From review and protection of historic aspects of the space, replacement of the existing bar large granite surface, hanging of the 1,000 lb. 13-foot wide chandelier, levelling of the substrate to a accommodate large 33-inch square wooden floor tiles, and restoration of small details, this project provided it’s great challenges and we accepted and overcame them as a team to really enjoy and appreciate the look of this revitalized space.


Project Details

  • Name : Confederate Lounge
  • Location : Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, Edmonton
  • Time Frame : 10 Weeks

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